How has your experience been with Got Muscle?

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My experience with my personal trainer has been wonderful. i decided to get a personal trainer to help me prepare for my air force pt test. i was completely out of shape. i was only able to do 24 push-ups in one minute and my waist was 32 inches. also my 1.5 mile was at 16:45 during my initial fitness assessment with her. in 6 short weeks Debora encouraged me, motivated me and help build my confidence back up. and did i mention she pushed my body to limits that i did not think i could obtain. i was able to do 47 push ups,my waist is a 29 and i ran a 13:41 on my 1.5 mile run and i owe all thanks to Debora. she is the best and i am so happy she pushed me to be better. every meeting we did a variety of different exercises. i was never bored. she is very educated on the body and personal training as a whole! i love her and i wouldnt trade her for the world!

Trainer Name: Debora Funches

Christine R.